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About us

As a pioneer in the development of wireless RF drive-test and walk-test (indoor) measurement systems and services for the wireless industry since 1994, X-TEL Communications, Inc., built its reputation on a transformational modular product line capable of adapting to each new future generation of digital wireless technology protocol. X-TEL's products and services have been used by many of the top tier wireless names since the mid 1990s. From large global infrastructure companies to leading wireless carriers, X-TEL’s tools have contributed to many successes relating to the design and optimization of large complex digital wireless networks around the globe.

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X-TEL Communications provides wireless hardware and software design solutions to fulfill the operational needs of our customers. We do this by encouraging strong technical relationships between our customers and X-TEL team members, which we use to develop a close personal bond guided in the principles of mutual respect, integrity and honesty. In doing so, we work to create a unique partnership that cultivates continuous feedback so we learn from our customers’ experiences, enabling us to stimulate our developmental creativity; ultimately leading us to innovative approaches and solutions that exceed customer expectations.

We perform our mission with one additional key principle which states, “In order to achieve success for the long term, our corporate direction, its objectives and values, must also be in harmony with those of our stakeholders.” Our stakeholders are our employees, our shareholders, our community, our suppliers and all those that directly or indirectly have a stake in our future. We will continuously review our policies and procedures to ensure that our progress is mutually beneficial for all X-TEL stakeholders.



X-TEL’s vision is to commit ourselves to accurately seeing and defining the future within specific market niches before our competitors do for the benefit of our stakeholders. In doing so, we aim to continuously adjust our course and adapt to market dynamics accordingly.  We will not compromise our vision by accepting near-term gains that jeopardize our long-term success. Our values are based on integrity, hard work, sacrifice and ingenuity, hallmarks of our past successes.



Mission & Vision




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