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Actix Verified

Reinventing the measurement tool.

X-TEL is pleased to announce Actix as the first verified post-processing tool supporting X-TEL’s new generation drive test tool. X-TEL test data has been used in Actix post-processing tools for more than a decade all over the world, covering all major wireless technologies. X-TEL's files are 100% compatible with Actix post-processing. Inteagration testing has been thorough and error free. It's ready to be deployed today for Actix users looking for a better drive test, walk test, indoor test, DAS tester or HetNet test tool that meets the needs of wireless carriers, engineering services companies and tower companies like American Tower and Crown Castle to name a few.

Load files directly into Actix effortlessly. No conversion required. Easy post-processing. Just like it should be.

Actix is one of the first vendors to have verified X-TEL’s new Xpedite for Post-processing.

























After data collection, files are immediately ready to be loaded into the Actix tool for post processing.


























A complete drive test / walk test solution. No time wasted. Tested and verified with Actix, a global leader in post-processing.




























Xpedite and Actix Planning and Analysis platforms complement any carrier or engineering firm's requirements for:

  1. HetNet Small Cell Testing
  2. Indoor RF Coverage Walk Testing
  3. RF Drive Testing in Macro Environements
  4. Radio Frequency Coverage testing indoors, outdoors or vitually anywhere



Verified to be compatible with the most popular and current Android Devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

For other devices, please Contact Us!

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