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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I be sure my device is supported by Xpedite?

A: To make sure the Xpedite works on your device you can download a FREE version of Xpedite FT at the Google play store. If you can successfully run the software on your Android phone, then you are confirming that Xpedite will also work.

Q: I downloaded Xpedite from the Google play store but I am not seeing any measurements?

A: To enable measurements you must first subscribe to a monthly usage plan with X-TEL. Please select Menu -> Subscriptions to purchase a monthly subscription.

Q: I downloaded Xpedite FT from Google store but I am not seeing any measurements displayed on device?

A: If you don't see any values displayed then your phone does not output diagnostic data, or the manufacturer has disabled it (generally not Samsung). If only some of the values are displayed then it is normal. Not all the parameters are displayed all the time. Some of the parameters are displayed only when there is active call or data session. It is dependent on the mode the phone is in.

Q: I get error message "Failed to detect diagnostics" when I try to run Xpedite/Xpedite FT why is that.

A: If you get this error message then unfortunately Xpedite will not work with your device yet. We are sorry.

Q: If I want to talk to someone on getting support, who can I call?

A: Online support via email is included with your subscription and most issues are easily adressed this way. If you feel you need to speak with someone directly, customer support packages are available for and optional, additonal fee.

Q: What devices are supported at this time?

A: Most Android Samsung device work, we have verified the following devices from Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999, Galaxy S3 SGH-i747, Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 and Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505. The list of tested devices is constantly growing so come back to check if your device gets added to the list. Also you can simply try if Xpedite works on your phone by loading the free Xpedite FT applicaiton from Google Play store.

Q: I get error message "Root access and super user rights required to run application" when I try to run Xpedite/Xpedite FT why is that?

A: If you get this error message then you have not successfully rooted your device.  Xpedite/Xpedite FT requires super user access to phone. Please refer to Support -> How to videos for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Q: How do I update Xpedite software?

A: Xpedite is updated using Google Play update system. If you have selected automatic application updates from settings then you don't have to do anything, the app will get automatically updated. If not, then you need to open the Play Store app and select to update your apps.

Q: Are software upgrades included in Xpedite subscription?

A: All the updates and upgrades are included free of charge as long as you have valid subscription.

Q: Where do my log files go?

A: If you have memory card then your log files go to /sdcard/Download/Xpedite/measurements. If you don't have memory card then log files go to /storage/Download/Xpedite/measurements. You can also define a sub folder for your log files by selecting the configuration button on start measurement.

Q: Can I cancel my Xpedite FT activation or Xpedite subscriptions?

A: Xpedite FT activation can be cancelled within 7 days of purchase. For subscriptions we do not offer refunds, all purchases are final. When cancelled the subscription will stop after current subscription period expires. To cancel login to Google Play store and go to Xpedite app page.

Q: Can I use Xpedite or Xpedite FT on multiple devices?

A: Xpedite and Xpedite FT are licensed per-device. Once a device is licensed it will hold that license for 24 hours. After that you can license to a different device. No more than one device can simultaneously run Xpedite tools. For more information contact X-TEL.

Q: What technologies does Xpedite and Xpedite FT support?

A: Currently we support GSM, UMTS, CDMA and EVDO measurements. If interested in LTE support, please contact X-TEL.

Q: What format is the log file generated by Xpedite?

A: Xpedite generates Qualcomm compatible DLF log files. This allows you to load log files directly to Actix and Qualcomm diagnostics tools.

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