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Are you looking to invest in wireless test and measurement?

Do you fall into one or more of the categories listed below, and do you believe you would benefit from X-TEL's industry know-how and IP?





An X-TEL engagement is best suited for the following types of partners:

  • Test equipment suppliers seeking to enter the wireless indoor "walk-test" and "drive-test" market.
  • Tech companies interested in M&A expansion.
  • Tower companies looking for growth in new areas.
  • Infrastructure companies interested in showcasing new products with QoS applications.
  • UE manufacturers interested in showcasing new device performance with embedded QoS applications.
  • Large wireless engineering services companies desiring to reduce test equipment expenditures creating a more competitive business model for RF consulting services.
  • High-Net-Worth Accredited Investors.


X-TEL is a privately held test and measurement company founded in 1994. The company has significant industry know-how and specific intellectual property related to drive-testing and walk-testing.

X-TEL was founded by experienced engineers in wireless testing and international business development coming from SAFCO and Motorola.

X-TEL has always achieved strong profitability whenever it has developed and commercialized its products. X-TEL is experienced in RF drive-test, phone interface and app development for 3G and 4G networks. The company prides itself on disrupting key wireless technology segments with innovation and management execution.


This is what X-TEL can do for you:

  • Develop leading test solutions in this space for much less.
  • Enter segments of the RF drive-test and walk-test markets rapidly without costly delays due to the learning curve.
  • Apply our historically proven business model that generates healthy cash flows and strong returns.
  • Assist large wireless carriers, infrastructure providers and engineering firms migrate from legacy PC based test and measurement applications to smartphone and tablet on-demand Apps for drive-test, walk-test and the evolving IoE ecosystem.
  • Help wireless consulting firms reduce their test equipment costs.


We welcome the opportunity to share our past performance and future outlook with the right partners.

Contact us today. Do not send email, please call +1.877.695.8735 extension 747.



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