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X-TEL Reboots to Android with Xpedite Wireless Hand Held Tester

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September 2013 Chicago, IL – X-TEL Communications, Inc. announced today that it will be discontinuing support for all products produced prior to 2008 as it has completely migrated its platform to Android. The new product will be named Xpedite and Xpedite Tablet. This serves as a new era in test and measurement for the company as it moves from PC to Smart-Device testing.

Company officials also announced today that a completely new development team has been working behind the scenes for several months on a complex set of Android based test tools which will launch soon. These tools will mark support for the next generation of wireless telecom focused on Hetnet, LTE, WiFi, and E911 integration. As a new generation of smart-device users require faster, more ubiquitous data communications, the design team was assembled from around the globe and tasked with building a new generation of products serving all wireless modalities.

More information is planned to be announced soon.

About X-TEL Communications, Inc.
X-TEL Communications, Inc. is a wireless test and measurement design company serving the wireless industry. The company was founded in 1994 by two wireless industry veterans. Over the last 19 years the company has deployed test and measurement products around the globe for the engineering and optimization of cellular wireless voice and data networks. X-TEL is one of a few specializing in this area of expertise.

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