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Want to learn more about what's going on in wireless? Stay informed with X-TEL.

This section represents an education resource for those companies and individuals seeking a fast and easy resource for current events and educational material related to DAS and HetNet deployments. X-TEL's Xpedite is specifically designed to be the No. 1 device for Small Cell, HetNet and DAS testing moving forward. X-TEL has delivered wireless test and measurement equipment to tier 1 wireless carriers globally since 1994. It's founders each played important roles in wireless - specifically wireless measurements since 1987 (more than 26 years). X-TEL is the leader in HetNet, indoor and DAS test tools based on the Android wireless indoor verification App available on the Google play store.

This knowledge base will continually evolve in order to bring attention globally to the rapidly changing wireless environment.


Apr 23, 2013

Industry Analyst Iain Gillott speaks at DAS in Action 2013 on the U.S. He does a fantastic job at describing the growing opportunities, which include his forecasts for the theoretical maximum size of the market for each type of small cells, including example deployments, business and market drivers. X-TEL's Xpedite is one solution for what is coming around the corner. X-TEL's development team is working hard to prepare tools that seamlessly work with post-processing tools like Actix, WindCatcher and other companies such as iBwave and EDX for the indoor enterprise market that must be engineered in a heterogeneous manner to deliver high quality QoS to the masses.



April 22, 2013

AT&T, Sprint and Boingo technical and management staff discuss HetNet and the evolution of the enterprise environment. What role will WiFi play? The wireless network deployment strategy is continuously changing. It takes a product like Xpedite by X-TEL for HetNet. Wireless operators embrace WiFi as a necessary evil, but admit it is going to play a large role in offloading wireless traffic. Xpedite suits the wireless models that help solve coverage and capacity challenges facing wireless data for tier 1 wireless carriers.



October 31, 2012

AT&T's Kris Rinne is interviewed at 4G World and attempts to explain how 3G and 4G small cells fit with a Wi-Fi enhanced HetNet architecture.


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