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Xpand Cloud Service

Total control of your network test tools!


ImageXpand Cloud Services gives you unprecedented control of your X-TEL Drive Test Fleet.

Unlike other Drive Test Cloud Services, Xpand is not just for data storage, it truly elevates the effectiveness of your tools to the next level.

With Xpand you can plan your drive routes and measurement campaigns, then push them to any combination of mobile test devices.

Xpand also provides useful control of your licenses. Move licenses around the world.

Now you are in control with Xpand Cloud Services by X-TEL.




Access your cloud here [ ]



Xpand S comes free with all purchases of Xpedite Pro.



In addition to the free version of Xpand Cloud Services, we also offer larger variants at monthly rates:

  • Xpand M (20GB)
  • Xpand L (100GB with backup)
  • Xpand XL (500GB with backup)















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