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Xpedite Hand-Held Walk Tester Support for DRT Scanners

ImageNovember 2013 – X-TEL Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce it has begun the process of preparing its Xpedite wireless (cellular) hand-held field test tool for Digital Receiver Technology, Inc.(DRT), scanners. DRT designs, manufacturers and markets communications test and measurement tools for RF design.  Xpedite Android based test handsets will interface directly with DRT Scanners through a Bluetooth interface, eliminating any need for data cables.

DRT supports Layer 2 and 3 decoding for GSM, UMTS, CDMA-EVDO, FDD-TDD, WiMax, LTE. Their scanners are software defined radios and are reconfigurable based on technology needs of the user. Combined with Xpedite, the first fully functional field test tool available for Android on Google play, data can be gathered by one or more Xpedite handsets, assembled into a compact data file and imported into industry standard post-processing tools such as Actix One and Actix Solutions (others to be announced soon).

Why would wireless carriers, tower companies, infrastructure companies and wireless consulting companies turn to X-TEL’s new Xpedite Hand Held tester? Well, it is simple and basic accounting. Xpedite is the only test and measurement tool easily accounted for as a Capital Expenditure or an Operational Expenditure. Some companies may want to purchase unlimited licenses on an annual basis, while others will only want to purchase Xpedite test Apps on a monthly basis and a per-project basis (just like a rental). By establishing this accounting model in a field where historically these tools were Capital Expenditures only – X-TEL has revolutionized the way test tools can be acquired.

X-TEL is pleased to support Digital Receiver Technology products and we highly recommend this technology to all our users. DRT is a company owned by The Boeing Company, so X-TEL is of the opinion DRT’s technical know-how and research & development is unsurpassed in scanner technology. For this reason all Xpedite users moving forward should seriously consider having a DRT scanner for analysis of wireless spectrum and data.

Xpedite combined with DRT technology will support all common wireless technologies used today for mobile communications throughout the world.

About X-TEL: X-TEL tools have been used in all major continents throughout the world by leading wireless carriers and infrastructure manufacturers. The Xpedite is the perfect choice for walk-testing, drive-testing, indoor measurements, HetNet deployments, DAS deployments, autonomous drive testing, and any large wireless project from macro to small cell designs.

Contact X-TEL directly for unlimited licensing to get the best value and never worry about CapEx and upgrades again.

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