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Xpedite Hand-Held Walk Tester Supports Actix Post Processing

ImageNovember 2013 – X-TEL Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce its Xpedite HetNet capable field test tool is Actix One and Actix Solutions verified. All types of field test data were tested using most of the popular wireless technology standards used today throughout the world. Xpedite is a hand-held tester used by wireless cellular engineers to test and optimize wireless networks. What makes Xpedite unique is it is the first fully capable field test collection and analysis tool that can be downloaded from the Google play store. This is especially useful for Actix Post-processing users, since wireless carriers and engineering services companies using Actix, can now download X-TEL Xpedite onto their Android handset for testing and optimization of wireless cellular networks ("on-demand").

Once Xpedite data is collected and stored, it is easily transferred into the Actix post-processing software for analysis. Xpedite, like Actix, supports integration of cell site base station databases so serving cell sites are easily identifiable in real-time while data is collected. Additionally, the Xpedite hand-held Android walk tester can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis, so there is no long-term commitment. Virtually zero risk to the user. This makes Xpedite the No. 1 choice for consulting companies, tower companies, and other wireless engineering companies that need to ramp up the quantity of field test gear for large wireless projects like the Super Bowl where large DAS deployments are required fast.

X-TEL and Actix have shared wireless engineering test data together for more than ten years. X-TEL developed one of the first hand-held devices for some of the earliest smartphones made by Nokia. Xpedite was first launched in the mid-2000s for indoor, walk-testing, drive-testing and autonomous testing. It’s evolution now extends to Android and Samsung phones in particular. Samsung phones have proven to be a great platform for Xpedite to operate and the Xpedite Android App support most popular Samsung wireless mobile devices. Actix is a great platform to use to analyze data collected from Xpedite.

About X-TEL:  X-TEL Communications, Inc. was established in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois in 1994. X-TEL has reliably served tier one wireless carriers and leading infrastructures manufacturers with test tools for wireless testing and optimization.  Actix post-processing tools have consistently supported X-TEL and Xpedite data since the mid-2000s. Contact X-TEL Sales for more information, or go directly to the Google play store, and download your wireless test app today. 

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